2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover

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2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover

2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Dash Designs
  • SKU: K245-03-4KCT
  • Instock: yes
  • Condition: new
  • Product Name: 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover
  • Last Update: 17:03.1
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Product Description

2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover by Dash Designs. Seat Designs by Dash Designs Game Series Camo Seat Covers. multi-color, neoprene, dash designs camo, 4-5 business days, set, 2-year dash designs limited warranty, direct fit, superflauge hunter, bench


One thought on “2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover

  • I have used 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover for years for a number of printing needs and, for the most part (other than inflated shipping), have been pleased with their products and service. This time around though, I am really disappointed and frustrated beyond words. I opened a business website through 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover and decided to use their Email Marketing service which allows you to create and (supposedly) send out emails that match your website theme to prospective clients or contacts. I stayed up for many hours designing on my first email marketing campaign and entering recipient’s email addresses from scratch. I sent the campaign out to 48 contacts and not one single emailed campaign was received. I contacted a 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover customer support agent who stated that they were aware of the problem and was working to correct the issue. This was over a week ago and the issue is still not fixed. I continue to hear an assortment of excuses when I contact 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover; it could take days for the emails to be received, spam filters may prohibit delivery, I entered the email addresses (yes, all 48 of them) incorrectly, etc. 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover refuses to acknowledge that the issue is on their end. I have read numerous complaints from upset 2000 GMC C2500 Seat Cover email marketing customers who have experienced this same problem and feel certain that the problem is not because of anything the customer has or has not done. If anyone could suggest a company that has proven to provide competent, reliable email marketing, I would really appreciate their information.

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