BasketBelle Steam Key

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BasketBelle Steam Key

BasketBelle Steam Key

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  • SKU: MG2014-1210-1954-1357282
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  • Product Name: BasketBelle Steam Key
  • Last Update: 36:27.0
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Product Description

BasketBelle is an experimental 2D basketball-based platformer. Each Chapter of the game uses the mechanics and idea of basketball in a different way. At one point you might be dribbling inside the intestines of a purple blob creature. At others, you’re likely to be dunking above the clouds in front of the Parisian moon. A dynamic soundtrack and unique cardboard visuals help tell the story of a sister who must be saved through the power of basketball.FeaturesDunk, dribble, and crossover through 8 Chapters spanning throughout the impromptu courts of ParisEach Chapter takes the mechanics of basketball and applies them in different ways. Some chapters are more action, some are more puzzle. And then there are the strange chapters.Music is tied directly to the gameplay, though it’s all passively controlled. For example, every time you dribble, you hear a bass hit. Shoot the ball, and the percussion stops.Visuals in the game are a unique mix of cardboard and color, every scene popping off the screen.System RequirementsOS: Win XP, 7, 8Processor: 1 GHz or higherMemory: 1 GB RAMHard Drive: 115 MB available space

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