Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

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Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

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  • Product Name: Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel
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Product Description

Shiny Black Kindergarten Graduation Cap & Tassel. The black shiny graduation cap and tassel is the ultimate classic for all graduation ceremonies and offered by Gradshop at low prices to meet your budget. The cap is made from high quality shiny tricot fabric as the Gradshop kindergarten gowns for a perfect outfit. The cap mortarboard measure 9.4″sq, and the head rim includes durable elastic at head rim for a snug and comfortable fit. With the cap and tassel set you get to choose the color tassel of your choice from a variety of colors to customize your set. The tassels measure 9″ long with a 6″ long hoop for easy access to cap with secure clasp. Your child will enjoy the shiny current year tag that comes with each tassel which is a perfect keepsake. Great graduation ceremony products at low discounts prices are always available when you order at Gradshop online.


One thought on “Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

  • I have had my issue resolved and was asked by Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel to kindly write another review so here goes. Although the shoes I received were defective I am thinking it was a fluke. I am not very satisfied because I can no longer purchase items from Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel unless I become a member hence the $ I have to fork out monthly if I chose not to buy anything and forget to click on ‘skip this month’. I’d love to continue to purchase items and would love to recommend Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel to friends and family had it not for the monthly charge. I wish they would change this feature then I’d give a 5 *. After being on hold 2 days a total of 6 hrs, I had to contact this site to get my issue resolved and it was in a timely manner. For that I am very happy. But if they change that small flaw I’d def. buy from Black Kindergarten Cap & Tassel again!! THANK YOU 🙂

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