Riley Wig by WIGSHOP

Riley Wig by WIGSHOP
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Riley Wig by WIGSHOP

Riley Wig by WIGSHOP

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  • Product Name: Riley Wig by WIGSHOP
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Product Description

Light and lovely layers This stylish crop wig has a wealth of soft, short layers that crate volume, texture, and dimension. Wispy, brow skimming bangs and slightly longer side layers beautifully frame the face. The expertly layered and tapered back with short, flipped ends completes the cute, classy silhouette. Go ahead and switch up your style with this hassle free, commitment free wig Easy care Kanekalonreg; synthetic fibers hold the style with minimum upkeep. Open cap construction creates a light, airy feel for maximum comfort. Open ear tabs allow you to wear glasses through small openings in the wig and over the fibers for a natural look. Extended neck allows more coverage of the nape of the neck so you can easily tuck away any stray hairs underneath. Length: 4. 5 Front; 4. 5 Top; 4. 5 Crown; 3 Sides; 3. 75 Upper Back; 3 Nape. Weight: 2. 2 oz. Free shipping every day Returns for exchange only.


One thought on “Riley Wig by WIGSHOP

  • I heard about the great deal on business cards from Riley Wig by WIGSHOP. I looked at their website, and they seemed like a legitimate business with good prices on business cards. I place my order and get directed to the next page where I am offered $10 off my order. I click on this page to see what I have to do to receive the $10, and see that I have to participate in a survey. I decide not to, and close the page. One month later, I have an unauthorized charge on my account from Riley Wig by WIGSHOP. First I call Riley Wig by WIGSHOP’s customer service number. I called 4 times, hanging up each time my wait time got to 15 minutes. I then had to call the bank and have my credit card number changed because of their unauthorized charges. I finally find another number for the company on the internet, and get ahold of a real person. Gregory, an employee at the corporate office, informs me that by clicking on the page that offers me $10 off, I authorized them to sign me up for a monthly fee of $14.95, even though I did NOT participate in the survey. Gregory said that they get complaints about this on a regular basis. He did credit back my account, and he cancelled my account with them.

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