White High School Honor Cord

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White High School Honor Cord

White High School Honor Cord

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  • Product Name: White High School Honor Cord
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Product Description

White High School Honor Cord. Honor cords are one of the prominent graduation accessories seen in most high school academic ceremonies. Our single honor cords come in 15 different colors, with each color having a different significance. Gradshop’s premium honor cords are intertwined strands with a tassel on each end. Honor cords are worn around the neck with the ends of the cords hanging down the front side of the graduate’s gown and two tassels on each side. Our high school honor cords are 68 inches in total length with a large 4 inch bulb tassel at each end. The color of honor cord may be used to represent the high school graduate’s course of study or major such as White is for English, Arts, Literature, History, and Sociology. Look at our bulk discounts and get the best prices when you shop online.


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  • My JF experiences have always been positive. Even when I had an issue with a faulty product (a purse), the issue was rectified immediately, and I was completely satisfied! Customer service has always been wonderful to me!!!

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