White Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

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White Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

White Kindergarten Cap & Tassel

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  • Product Name: White Kindergarten Cap & Tassel
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Product Description

White Kindergarten Graduation Cap & Tassel. Gradshop offers graduation headwear for all young kindergarten graduates. The white graduation cap is made from high quality shiny tricot fabric to match the Gradshop kindergarten gowns. The Grad cap mortarboard measures 9.4″sq, which includes elastic at head rim for a perfect snug fit. The cap tassel is 9″ long and has an additional 6″ hang loop for easy fitting to cap and metal plated clasp for a firm hold to the graduation cap. The cap tassel comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from when ordering the cap and tassel set. Each cap tassel measures 9″ long with additional 6″ loop. Also included is a current year shiny charm signet which your child is sure to enjoy. Order now and take advantage of bulk order savings when you shop online.


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