ARCONA Magic White Ice

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ARCONA Magic White Ice
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ARCONA Magic White Ice

ARCONA Magic White Ice

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: ARCONA
  • SKU: 590539
  • Instock: yes
  • Product Name: ARCONA Magic White Ice
  • Last Update: 2016-01-06 16:10:29.816
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Product Description

ARCONA Magic White Ice is a hydrating gel that seeps deep into your skin to give you a drink of moisture without clogging pores. Pure botanical extracts packed with antioxidants work to protect your skin against environmental damage and leave it feeling refreshed. Your moisturizer should feel like dipping into a cool, clear pool of pure water. Ideal for all skin types desiring an intense moisturizing gel.


One thought on “ARCONA Magic White Ice

  • I was so delight to receive ARCONA Magic White Ice on Valentines Day! Upon removing the plant from the box I noticed that the leaves were dying. I immediately contacted CS to let them know. After multiple emails which included photos, a photo to the shipping label, they kept requiring more info. They have the info and I personally believe they want customers to give up! I won’t. I will contact the sender for him to contact the Credit Card Co. to remove this charge. This move makes Valentines Day a real disappointment to both of us! I always purchased from this company! No more!

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