DHC COQ10 Lotion Mini

Skin Care
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DHC COQ10 Lotion Mini

DHC COQ10 Lotion Mini

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: DHC
  • SKU: 634724
  • Instock: no
  • Product Name: DHC COQ10 Lotion Mini
  • Last Update: 2016-01-06 16:10:29.856
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Product Description

Smooth your skin with DHC COQ10 Lotion Mini. Help minimize damage from environmental stresses with this indulgent, revitalizing toner that not only preps your skin for the moisturizing step, but also promotes elasticity and a smoother tone. Bursting with the highest concentration of antioxidant powerhouse coenzyme Q10 we’ve ever had in a toner, this refreshing, fast-absorbing blend is particularly beneficial for those with sun-damaged or maturing skin.


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