emerginC Sun 30+

Skin Care
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emerginC Sun 30+

emerginC Sun 30+

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: emerginC
  • SKU: 16344
  • Instock: yes
  • Product Name: emerginC Sun 30+
  • Last Update: 2016-01-06 16:10:29.703
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Product Description

Feel good about applying your sunscreen with emerginC Sun 30+. It contains the physical protection of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide with skin-soothers and antioxidants like aloe, green tea and vitamin C in a non-greasy fluid.



  • I went to go order a pair of boots that looked decent, and after I entered ALL of my information including my Credit Card Number, they informed me that the shoes I wanted to purchase were not longer available. Incredibly shady to have a consumer enter their Credit Card information then claim to be out of stock. What a horrible business! Hope they have common sense and do not use my card for anything. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!

  • In December 2013, I purchased Pioneer SP-PK51 Tower speakers from emerginC Sun 30+ on sale with the added incentive of a 50 dollar rebate card with the purchase. I received the Speakers just fine and followed the directions explicitly for the rebate and mailed it in. From December, they said if I didn’t receive by April 1st to call and check. I tracked the process from them all the way thru from receiving my information and checking it and saying response had been mailed. I waited and waited and never received anything from them. On April 1st, I called and the sales rep said they did have my information but that I had sent the wrong UPC code and wouldn’t get the rebate. I said I sent the only UPC code there was and know it was the right one. She wouldn’t budge and just said there was nothing they would do. So if you buy from emerginC Sun 30+, don’t believe anything about a rebate because they will weasel out of it and it’s your word against theirs and you will lose!

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