Replenix Cream CF

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Replenix Cream CF

Replenix Cream CF

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Replenix
  • SKU: 540
  • Instock: yes
  • Product Name: Replenix Cream CF
  • Last Update: 2016-01-06 16:10:29.292
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Product Description

Replenix Cream CF is composed of 90% polyphenol derived from green tea and fortified with caffeine USP. These ingredients possess potent antioxidant properties that assist in minimizing free-radical induced skin damage.


One thought on “Replenix Cream CF

  • I purchased a pair of boots off the Replenix Cream CF site last month and paid through PayPal. This morning, I received an email saying 35.00 had been taken from my PayPal account. I went to the site and live-chatted to them and found out about this VIP membership which I knew nothing about. They said the money was now credit for when I wanted to spend it. I wasn’t happy that they had taken money without my consent. So went to PayPal, told them what had happened. Half an hour later, PayPal emailed me to say the money is being refunded to me. Replenix Cream CF should not be allowed to do this without people agreeing to it. I would never have bought anything from the site if I’d have known.

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