Deer Stags Times Oxfords – Brown 11.5 M, Brown

Deer Stags Times Oxfords – Brown 11.5 M, Brown
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Deer Stags Times Oxfords - Brown 11.5 M, Brown

Deer Stags Times Oxfords - Brown 11.5 M, Brown

Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Deer Stags
  • Category: Shoes>Mens Shoes>Mens Oxfords
  • SKU: 11426619
  • Instock: yes
  • Condition: new
  • Warranty: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return it by mail or to any Boscov’s store within 90 days of purchase. We will replace it, exchange it, or refund the price that was paid. Details and exceptions at
  • Product Name: Deer Stags Times Oxfords – Brown 11.5 M, Brown
  • Last Update: 21:43.4
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Product Description

This number one selling oxford offers all the cushioning and stability you need in a shoe. The Deer Stags patented S.U.P.R.O.(R) Sock Technology, an EVA orthotic sock built right into the shoe, absorbs shock, provides extra heel cushioning and cradles your foot in all-day cushioned comfort. Slip-lasted construction adds durability for longer wear. Wear them to the office or an evening out. The versatile styling makes this shoe great for business travel! Also available in Wide Widths.


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